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LC-MS/MS Confirmation of Ciguatoxins.

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posted on 2016-04-13, 05:54 authored by D. Ransom Hardison, William C. Holland, Jennifer R. McCall, Andrea J. Bourdelais, Daniel G. Baden, H. Taiana Darius, Mireille Chinain, Patricia A. Tester, Damian Shea, Harold A. Flores Quintana, James A. Morris Jr., R. Wayne Litaker

LC-MS/MS chromatogram showing the retention time (4.76 min) and the three characteristic ion transitions (1123.6 > 1105.6, 1123.6 > 1087.9, and 1123.6 > 1069.6) of a C-CTX-1 standard and in a lionfish sample.