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Interactive parallel coordinates plot

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posted on 2020-12-14, 13:41 authored by Andrea KaimAndrea Kaim
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Parallel coordinates plot of the results of a four-objective optimization problem. The first four axes show fitness values for the objectives max biodiversity (measured in terms of a bird habitat indicator), max water quantity (lowflow in l/s), max water quality (i.e. min nitrate load in kgN/a) and max contribution margin produced by the entire case study area (€/a).

Values of water quality are negative because nitrate load has been minimized. Generally, the better the performance of a solution in the respective objective is, the higher its intersection with the objective's axis is located in the plot.

The last four axes show the percental share of the scenarios status quo (SQ), business as usual (BAU), land sharing (LSH) and land sparing (LSP) in the landscape. Each line that connects the axes represents one of the Pareto-optimal solutions. Status quo is marked as a yellow line.

Trade-offs and synergies between the objectives and their impact on scenario distributions can be analyzed by selecting value ranges on the different axes.

This plot is based on results from A. Kaim, M. Strauch & M. Volk (2020): Using stakeholder preferences to identify optimal land use configurations. Frontiers in Water. DOI: 10.3389/frwa.2020.579087.