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Inhibition of EGFR signaling prevents WCS induced loss of ciliated cells.

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posted on 2016-08-17, 17:30 authored by Monica Valencia-Gattas, Gregory E. Conner, Nevis L. Fregien

(A–F), Representative confocal micrographs of differentiated human airway epithelial cells treated with Air (A, D), Smoke (B, E) or Smoke + 500 nM Gefitinib (C, F) stained for FoxJ1 (green), acetylated-tubulin (white) or nuclei (blue) (A, B, C). D, E and F represent the same microscopic fields as A, B and C, respectively showing only the FoxJ1 and nuclear staining. Scale bar = 25 μm G, Quantification of the percent FoxJ1 positive cells relative to the Air treated samples. N = 7 air and smoke, N = 5 smoke + Gefitinib; * P<0.05, one way ANOVA.