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Individual participant figures_Human variation in both error-based and reinforcement motor learning is associated with entorhinal volume

posted on 2021-10-28, 16:17 authored by Anouk de BrouwerAnouk de Brouwer, Jason P. Gallivan
Each figure contains the raw data of one participant in the reinforcement motor learning task (cursor trajectories) and the error-based motor learning task (hand angles and reported aim angles), as well as the participant's performance relative to the distribution of learning measures included in the analysis.

In the reinforcement motor learning task, participants learned to copy multiple invisible, curved paths through trial and error, using only a reward score (0-100) presented at the end of each trial to improve their performance.

In the error-based learning task, participants had to adjust their movements to a 45° rotation of the cursor movement, which represented participants’ hand movements, in order to hit visual targets (visuomotor rotation task).