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Impaired mitochondrial respiration increases astrocytic, but not neuronal, rate of glycolysis.

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posted on 2017-12-29, 18:35 authored by Emily Booth Warren, Aidan Edward Aicher, Joshua Patrick Fessel, Christine Konradi

(A) Basal extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of NECos, neurons, and astrocytes, in the presence and absence of EtBr. (B) Relative quantity of electron donors (i.e. NAD(P)H, FADH2) across culture conditions, measured by MTS absorbance and normalized to cell number. (C) Relative ADP plotted against relative ATP. Arrows show the direction of change from control to EtBr treatment for each culture condition. RLU, relative luminescence units. Error bars reflect +/-SEM. N for each group is included in figure legends. (A) *** = p < 0.001; * = p < 0.05, following Dunn’s post-hoc test. (B), (C) *** = p < 0.001, ** = p < 0.01 compared to respective controls.