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Holocene global temperature reconstruction

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posted on 2022-09-17, 07:14 authored by Javier VinósJavier Vinós

a) Red thin curve (left scale), global average temperature reconstruction from Marcott et al. (2013). The averaging method does not correct for proxy drop out which produces an artificially enhanced terminal spike, while the Monte Carlo smoothing eliminates most variability information. b) Black curve (left scale), global average temperature reconstruction after Marcott et al. (2013), using proxy published dates, and differencing average. Temperature anomaly was rescaled to match biological, glaciological, and marine sedimentary evidence, indicating the Holocene Climate Optimum was about 1.2 °C warmer than the LIA. c) Purple thick curve (right scale), Earth’s axis obliquity is shown to display a similar trend to Holocene temperatures.

Citation: Vinós J (2022) Climate of the Past, Present and Future. A scientific debate, 2nd ed. Critical Science Press. Madrid


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