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Hemocytes of Galleria mellonella control larvae, 24 hours post infection and 48 hours post infection with the entomopathogenic fungus Conidiobolus coronatus.

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posted on 2020-02-03, 18:24 authored by Michalina Kazek, Agata Kaczmarek, Anna Katarzyna Wrońska, Mieczysława Irena Boguś

(a) The intensity of autophagosomes was evaluated by CYTO-ID® Autophagy Detection Kit staining and (b) their average fluorescence intensity was quantified. Blue color–nuclei labelled by DAPI (Ex/Em: 345/455 nm); Green color– 488nm-excitable green fluorescent detection reagent CYTO-ID® Autophagy Detection Kit (Ex/Em: 495/518 nm). Scale bar 20 μm.