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Hearts of some non-malacostracan crustaceans.

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posted on 20.09.2018, 17:53 authored by Torben Göpel, Christian S. Wirkner

A: Heart of Hutchinsoniella macracantha, location in the body (ventral view, cLSM). B: Heart of H. macracantha (dorsal view, cLSM). C: Heart of Daphnia magna (lateral view, anterior is right, cLSM), arrowhead indicates anterior opening of the heart. D: Heart of Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus, location in the body (lateral view, cLSM). E: Heart of Centropages typicus (dorsal view, cLSM, red cyan anaglyph, use goggles). aa: anterior aorta; aav: anterior aortic valve; h: heart; ost: ostium.