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HCECs cultured in various proliferation and maturation conditions.

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posted on 2021-09-29, 17:35 authored by Tommy A. Rinkoski, Cindy K. Bahler, Johann M. Pacheco, Maya L. Khanna, David M. Holmes, Uttio Roy Chowdhury, Keith H. Baratz, Sanjay V. Patel, Leo J. Maguire, Eric D. Wieben, Michael P. Fautsch

A) HCECs from a 16 year old male donor with no corneal disease were cultured in Joyce’s medium, M4 medium, or Bartakova medium). Upon confluence, media was replaced with various maturation medias. Images were taken of cells at confluence following incubation in proliferation media (Proliferation) and after 12 days in maturation media (Maturation). B) HCECs proliferated in Joyce’s media with images taken at confluence (Proliferation) and following 12 days (Maturation) in human endothelial-SFM supplemented with 50% human aqueous humor (AH). Experiment was performed with three independent HCEC lines. C) Expanded insets (black boxes) from M4 proliferation only image (A) and Joyce with M5 maturation image (A) to illustrate spindle-like vs hexagonal-like HCEC morphologies.