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GSK-LSD1 treatment downregulates Goblet cells in organoids.

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posted on 2021-04-01, 10:23 authored by Naveen Parmar, Kyle Burrows, Pia M. Vornewald, Håvard T. Lindholm, Rosalie T. Zwiggelaar, Alberto Díez-Sánchez, Mara Martín-Alonso, Madeleine Fosslie, Bruce A. Vallance, John Arne Dahl, Colby Zaph, Menno J. Oudhoff

(A) RT- qPCR for Muc2 expression in organoids left untreated or treated with GSK-LSD1 for 4 days. Expression was normalized to housekeeping gene Hprt. (B) Immunofluorescent images of MUC2 (green), UEA1 (red) and DAPI (Blue) in WT organoids that were cultured in normal culture medium (ENR = EGF, NOGGIN, R-SPONDIN) or in ENR medium supplemented with GSK-LSD1 for 4 days. Scale bar is 50 μm.