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posted on 2019-06-11, 07:08 authored by Nabil E. Boutagy, Jing Wu, Zhengxi Cai, Wenjie Zhang, Carmen J. Booth, Tassos C. Kyriakides, Daniel Pfau, Tim Mulnix, Zhao Liu, Edward J. Miller, Lawrence H. Young, Richard E. Carson, Yiyun Huang, Chi Liu, Albert J. Sinusas
(A) Representative micro/PET (top row) and fused microPET/CT (bottom row) images following 18F-DHMT injection from a control and a matched DOX-treated rat imaged at 4 weeks after chemotherapy initiation (left), and a control and corresponding DOX-treated rat imaged at 6 weeks following chemotherapy initiation (right). Each individual image is scaled to the blood pool SUV. (B) Quantified myocardial-to-blood pool SUV ratios between controls (n = 5) and DOX-treated rats (n = 5) at 4 weeks, and controls (n = 4) and DOX-treated rats (n = 4) at 6 weeks following chemotherapy initiation. (C) Correlation between LVEF and LV 18F-DHMT uptake (myocardial-to-blood pool SUV), and (D) between LV end-systolic volume and LV 18F-DHMT uptake (myocardial-to-blood pool SUV) in DOX-treated rats at 6 weeks (n = 4) and matched controls (n = 4). *p < 0.05 between-group difference. Values are expressed as median with interquartile range. LVEF = left ventricular ejection fraction; ROS = reactive oxygen species; SUV = standardized uptake value; other abbreviations as in Figures 1 and 2.