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Effects of different concentrations of PYO on the expression of the P. aeruginosa oxidative stress response genes ahpB and katB.

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posted on 2021-03-10, 18:32 authored by Lucas A. Meirelles, Elena K. Perry, Megan Bergkessel, Dianne K. Newman

(A) Normalized cDNA levels measured by qRT-PCR. cDNA measurements were normalized by levels of the housekeeping gene oprI (see Methods). (B) Fold change in expression upon PYO treatment, relative to the measurements in untreated Δphz. ahpB: alkyl hydroperoxide reductase B; katB: catalase B. Black horizontal lines mark the mean value for independent biological cultures (n = 3). The data underlying this figure can be found in Table G in S1 Data. PYO, pyocyanin; qRT-PCR, quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR.