EPSC detection at different holding potentials in 1 mM Ca

2013-05-20T13:45:24Z (GMT) by Liset M de la Prida

Spontaneous excitatory synaptic currents (EPSCs) were recorded in voltage-clamp from identified pyramidal cells and interneurons using the reporter rat line VGAT-Venus-A. We checked for EPSC detection at two holding potentials of  -60 and -70 mV (i.e. the expected reversal potential of IPSCs) when 1 mM Ca was used in the extracellular medium. Similar inter-event interval distribution suggest that event detection was reliable.

Note: VGAT-Venus transgenic rats were generated by Drs. Y. Yanagawa, M. Hirabayashi and Y. Kawaguchi in National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Okazaki, Japan, using pCS2-Venus provided by Dr. A. Miyawaki. We thank the National Bioresource Project Rat for providing us with the VGAT line progenitors.