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Deletions of ISU1, HOG1, GRE3 and IRA2 are sufficient to increase cell growth and xylose consumption rates.

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posted on 2016-10-14, 17:38 authored by Trey K. Sato, Mary Tremaine, Lucas S. Parreiras, Alexander S. Hebert, Kevin S. Myers, Alan J. Higbee, Maria Sardi, Sean J. McIlwain, Irene M. Ong, Rebecca J. Breuer, Ragothaman Avanasi Narasimhan, Mick A. McGee, Quinn Dickinson, Alex La Reau, Dan Xie, Mingyuan Tian, Jennifer L. Reed, Yaoping Zhang, Joshua J. Coon, Chris Todd Hittinger, Audrey P. Gasch, Robert Landick

Indicated strains were cultured in YPX media under aerobic (A-B) or anaerobic (C-F) conditions. Average growth and specific xylose consumption rates with standard deviations are reported in g of dry cell mass•hr-1 (A, C) or OD600•hr-1 (E), and g of xylose consumed•g of dry cell mass-1•h-1 (B, D) or g of xylose consumed•OD600-1•h-1 (F), respectively, from the indicated strains cultured in YPX media from three independent biological replicates. Asterisks denote statistically significant differences (*; P < 0.05, **; P < 0.061) between specified strains by paired Student’s t-test. Xylose consumption rates for all strains in (D) were significantly faster (P < 0.05) than Y22-3MR.