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Delayed seizure development in LSL-RHEBp.P37L mice injected with tamoxifen.

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posted on 2021-05-27, 00:49 authored by Martina Proietti Onori, Linda M. C. Koene, Carmen B. Schäfer, Mark Nellist, Marcel de Brito van Velze, Zhenyu Gao, Ype Elgersma, Geeske M. van Woerden

Onset of seizure activity for the LSL-RHEBp.P37L groups after treatment with tamoxifen (4 injections) starting at either P7 (purple line, mean ± SEM: 50 days ± 0) or at P21 (yellow line, mean ± SEM: 74.6 days ± 4.37) compared to the RHEBp.P37L group (red line) (chi-squared (2) = 25.33, p < 0.0001; log-rank test; N indicates number of mice). The data underlying this figure can be found in S4 Data.