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Consequence of BbAFP1 targeted gene deletion and overexpression on Trichoderma sp. antifungal activity.

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posted on 2020-04-23, 17:47 authored by Sheng Tong, Maolian Li, Nemat O. Keyhani, Yu Liu, Min Yuan, Dongmei Lin, Dan Jin, Xianbi Li, Yan Pei, Yanhua Fan

(A, B) Representative images and quantification of fungal growth inhibition using protein fractions released from conidia (ultrasonic treatment) of B. bassiana wild type, ΔBbAF1P and BbAFP1OE as evaluated against Trichoderma sp. growth in PDB, 28 h post-treatment. (C, D) B. bassiana-Trichoderma sp. co-culture experiments. Representative images and quantification of B. bassiana wild type, ΔBbAF1 and BbAFP1OE on conidial germination of Trichoderma sp. on CZA using a B. bassiana test strain:Trichoderma sp. initial conidial ratio = 10:1. Growth inhibition was evaluated after 17 h of co-cultivation. Black arrows indicate Trichoderma sp. (E) B. bassiana test strain-Trichoderma sp co-cultivation using an initial conidial ratio = 10:1 and plated on CZA 4 d post-coinoculation. Red arrows indicate Trichoderma sp. colonies. All experiments were performed in triplicate with at least three independent biological samples. Error bars = SD, ** indicates P < 0.01, t-test.