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Body mass (mb) effects on performance curves and their interaction with temperature and thermal treatment in Triatoma infestans.

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posted on 2021-02-11, 19:03 authored by Sabrina Clavijo-Baquet, Grisel Cavieres, Avia González, Pedro E. Cattan, Francisco Bozinovic

A) Relationship between temperature and mb and its effect on walking speed: at increased mb, performance decreased. B) Relationship between thermal treatment and mb: most thermal treatments exhibited a negative effect of mb on performance (i.e., 18°C ± 0°C, 18°C ± 5°C, 27°C ± 0°C, 27°C ± 5°C, and 30°C ± 0°C), with a greater slope in treatments with thermal variation (i.e., ±5°C). However, for 30°C ± 5°C, the relationship was positive, with bigger individuals performing better than smaller ones.