Bernau et al. Fig S3 14 day hydroxyproline and survival analyzed by sex

2020-08-01T15:28:38Z (GMT) by Ksenija Bernau
Figure S3. Sex-based analysis of collagen deposition and survival in SRF-dependent progression of pulmonary fibrosis. Tbx4LE-rtTA/TetO-Cre/tdTom or Tbx4LE-rtTA/TetO-Cre/tdTom/SRFf,f were given doxycycline (dox, 2 mg/ml + 50 mg/ml sucrose) or sham (50 mg/ml sucrose) in water two days prior to intratracheal treatment with bleomycin (bleo, 1 U/kg suspended in normal saline, NS) or NS control, as indicated. A and B. 14 days after bleo treatment, collagen accumulation was quantified by hydroxyproline assay and analyzed by sex, as indicated. One way ANOVA with Holm-Sidak test (p<0.05) was utilized to assess statistical significance in groups where N>=3. C. Survival until predetermined endpoint (14 days post bleo) was analyzed between dox and bleo-treated Tbx4LE-rtTA/TetO-Cre/tdTom/SRFf,f (SRF-/- in LMC) and sham and bleo treated controls (SRF+/+). D and E. Data from C. analyzed by sex, as indicated. Survival was analyzed by log rank test (p<0.05). N is indicated in figure.




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