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Bacterial taxa significantly differed by Znt7 genotype in a sex dependent manner.

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posted on 2020-09-29, 17:25 authored by Mary E. Kable, Niknaz Riazati, Catherine P. Kirschke, Junli Zhao, Surapun Tepaamorndech, Liping Huang

(A and B) Barplots showing proportions of bacterial taxa present in mouse feces. The microbial community composition of each mouse is represented by a single bar. The proportions of taxa are shown on the y-axis and the cage that each mouse was housed in during the study is shown on the x-axis. Taxa present at less than 2% relative abundance were grouped into the “Other” category. The most specific taxonomic classification obtained is shown and the displayed taxon level is represented by a single letter code preceding the classification; o = order, f = family, g = genus. (C and D) Boxplots of the relative abundance of Allobaculum and Coriobacteriaceae respectively within WT, Znt7+/- (HET) and Znt7-/- (KO) mice. A log ratio test, followed by pairwise testing performed in DESeq2 showed a significant sex-specific effect of genotype for these bacterial taxa. *, p<0.05; **, p<0.01.