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Asphalt Core CT Scan Images (21.9% Air voids)

posted on 2016-09-17, 15:02 authored by Andrea ChiarelliAndrea Chiarelli, Andrew DawsonAndrew Dawson, Alvaro Garcia
This dataset includes the X-ray CT scans of a 50 mm thick asphalt core with a diameter of 100 mm.

The images have a very high size and are in .tif format. Images are numbered in sequential order.

The resolution of the scans is 65.2 um (micrometers).
The slices are generated at 0.4 mm (400 um) from each other.

For more information (physical properties), please see the csv file attached.

The files can be easily thresholded to create a 3D representation of air voids, stones, binder, etc.

Please remember that if you use this data, you have to cite it. There is a link above that will show the citation information for this dataset (DOI, authors, title).


University of Nottingham