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Angiogenic paracrine secretions of hCDC sequestered in HyA matrices at 14 days.

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posted on 2018-03-22, 17:54 authored by Shane Browne, Amit K. Jha, Kurosh Ameri, Sivan G. Marcus, Yerem Yeghiazarians, Kevin E. Healy

(A) Heatmap dendrogram of z-score expression of a range of angiogenesis-related factors. (B) Relative protein expression of angiogenic factors that are up- or down-regulated in the HyA-TGF-β1 group compared to that group with blocked CD105 receptor. The incorporation of TGF-β1 within the HyA matrices stimulates the secretion of a range of pro-angiogenic factors within HyA matrices, and many of these factors are negatively regulated by blocking the CD105 receptor on hCDC.