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Akt inhibitors as an HIV-1 infected macrophage-specific anti-viral therapy-4

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posted on 31.12.2011, 14:33 authored by Pauline Chugh, Birgit Bradel-Tretheway, Carlos MR Monteiro-Filho, Vicente Planelles, Sanjay B Maggirwar, Stephen Dewhurst, Baek Kim
SIV mac239 and SIV PBJ. Numbers indicate residues on the first amino acids of the shown sequences. Colored residues in HIV-1 Tat were mutated in this study. CHME5 cells were cotransfected with a plasmid encoding GFP and constructs expressing the first exon of HIV-1 Tat (psvTat72), SIV-PBJ Tat, or with an empty plasmid (pcDNA3.1) using Lipofectamine. Cells were then treated with LPS/CHX and analyzed for cell death. Bright fields (BF) and merged (red+green) fields are shown. Transfected cells are GFP+ cells (green), dead cells (red). The percentage of cell death induced in GFP+, EthD+ cells is shown with the SD from three independent experiments.

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Taken from "Akt inhibitors as an HIV-1 infected macrophage-specific anti-viral therapy"


Retrovirology 2008;5():11-11.

Published online 31 Jan 2008



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