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Additional file 9: of Proteomics analysis identifies new markers associated with capillary cerebral amyloid angiopathy in Alzheimer’s disease

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posted on 2018-06-04, 05:00 authored by David Hondius, Kristel Eigenhuis, Tjado Morrema, Roel van der Schors, Pim van Nierop, Marianna Bugiani, Ka Li, Jeroen Hoozemans, August Smit, Annemieke Rozemuller
Figure S8. Immunohistochemistry of Amyloid-beta, NDP, COL6A2, APOE and APCS on multiple brain regions of a HCHWA-D CAA type-1 case. Brain tissue of a case exhibiting a hereditary form of CAA type-1 was analyzed by immunohistochemistry of Amyloid-beta, NDP, COL6A2, APOE and APCS. Aβ pathology was confirmed and immunoreactivity associated with CAA type-1 pathology was found present for all markers. Scale bar in upper left picture represents 100 μm. (TIF 34988 kb)