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Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Dental pulp pluripotent-like stem cells (DPPSC), a new stem cell population with chromosomal stability and osteogenic capacity for biomaterials evaluation

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posted on 2017-04-21, 05:00 authored by Raquel Núñez-Toldrà, Ester Martínez-Sarrà, Carlos Gil-Recio, Miguel Carrasco, Ashraf Al Madhoun, Sheyla Montori, Maher Atari
Characterization of undifferentiated DPPSC. a Cell morphology of DPPSC from passage 10 observed with optic microscopy. DPPSC are characterized as small-sized cells with large nuclei and low cytoplasm content. b Immunofluorescence analysis of OCT3/4-FITC, SSEA4-PE, and Merge. Hoechst (HT) as a nucleus control. DPPSC were positive for these embryonic markers, and both were located in the nucleus. c FACS analysis of DPPSC. c1 FACS analysis of membrane markers: CD105 (92,15%), CD29 (99,63%), CD146 (15,54%) and CD45 (0.04%). c2 FACS analysis of pluripotency nuclear markers: OCT3/4 (76,72%) and NANOG (30,18%). d RT-PCR of OCT3/4, NANOG and SOX2 expresions in DPPSC and DPMSC. e Western Blot analysis of OCT3/4 in DPPSC and DPMSC at different time points (5, 10 and 15 passages). GAPDH as a housekeeping. (TIF 1031 kb)


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