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Active co-transport of rVSV CVS G and transferrin within DRG neurites.

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posted on 2016-07-27, 03:30 authored by Silvia Piccinotti, Sean P. J. Whelan

A. Time-lapse images from confocal live recording of co-transport of rVSV CVS G AF647 (blue) and transferrin-AF594 (Tfn, red) in calcein-stained neurites (green) within a microchannel. Timepoints indicated are matched with timestamps in S1 Video. Arrowheads track two viral particles being co-transported with Tfn. B. Thirty timepoints, corresponding to 60s clips from S1 Video, combined into a single image to display tracks of virus (CVS) and Tfn-positive endosomes through a microchannel from cultured DRG neurons. CVS and Tfn tracks are shown individually in greyscale, and merged. Timepoints indicated are matched with timestamps in S1 Video. C. Kymograph of Tfn (red) and CVS (blue) particle movement along a single plane from S1 Video. The left panel indicates in white the plane used to generate the kymograph. Each timepoint for this plane is then projected along the x axis to reveal Tfn and viral tracks intersecting the plane (right panel). Cotransport of virions and Tfn generates matching traces on the kymograph.