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1st quartile, mean, 3rd quartile and heritability for the DTPpop and LPSpop measured under well-watered (WW) and drought stressed conditions (DS).

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posted on 2016-03-21, 05:33 authored by Samuel Trachsel, Dapeng Sun, Felix M. SanVicente, Hongjian Zheng, Gary N. Atlin, Edgar Antonio Suarez, Raman Babu, Xuecai Zhang

Traits measured were grain yield (GY; A), the number of ears per plant (EPP; B), plant height (PHT; C), silking (D), the anthesis silking interval (ASI; E), NDVI (F) and senescence measured 4 (SEN4; G) and 6 (SEN6; H) weeks after flowering.