figshare from the researcher perspective

2017-01-25T16:58:01Z (GMT) by Alan Hyndman Matthew Partridge
Our webinar series to date has covered a broad range of subjects, from current and impending funder mandates and using figshare as a librarian to the state of open data. The latest in our series takes you to the frontline to bring you the perspective of a researcher using figshare for institutions to help promote their research outputs. <br><br>Matthew Partridge has worked in science for around 10 years since graduating from Lancaster University. The first 4.5 years of Matthew’s career were spent at a little company called Mediwatch Biomedical helping to develop a prostate cancer test. It was while working at Mediwatch that he published his first paper and his first patent. Matthew then returned to academia at Cranfield University to do a PhD in fibre optic sensors. In 2013 he uploaded his all his PhD data to Figshare. Currently Matthew is working as a research fellow developing a range of novel fibre optic-based sensors within the Centre of Engineering Photonics. His projects include ammonia breath sensor, live cell sensing, carbon dioxide sensing and 3D printed micro fluidics. <div><br></div><div>Webinar date:</div><div>25/1/2017</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>