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Ensembl/Entrez hg19/GRCh37 Consensus Genes

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posted on 2012-12-05, 21:22 authored by Stephen TurnerStephen Turner

The genes listed in these files were generated by comparing the cross-references between the Ensembl and Entrez-gene databases. To arrive at a set of "consensus" genes, genes were only selected where Ensembl refers to an Entrez-gene with the same coordinates, and that Entrez-gene entry refers back to the same Ensembl gene. Nearly all cases of inconsistent cross-referencing are genes annotated based on electronic predictions, or genes with multiple or inconsistent mappings. For these genes, we then obtained the HUGO approved gene identifier. The coordinates for all genes are mapped using hg19/GRChB37. These were generated by Will Bush, and the procedure used is described in more detail at the blog post below.