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fitPoly 4x output 2343 SNPs

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posted on 2020-07-03, 13:22 authored by Peter BourkePeter Bourke
Sample output of fitPoly::saveMarkerModels function, from a simulated tetraploid F1 population of 200 individuals (and 2 parents, unreplicated). The underlying data were generated using PedigreeSim (Voorrips and Maliepaard, 2012) and further processed using GenoSim (Liao, Tumino et al, in preparation 2020) to simulate SNP array intensity ratios as input for fitPoly. This sample dataset forms the basis of the vignette for using probabilistic genotypes (as opposed to discrete) in the polymapR (Bourke et al, 2018) linkage mapping pipeline.


"Novel genetic and genomic tools for polyploid crops" (TKI (the Netherlands) project numbers BO-26.03-009-004 and BO-50-002-022)


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