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data of microplastic abundance and mass from Figure 3 of Van Sebille et al (2015, ERL) paper

posted on 14.12.2015, 15:56 by Erik van SebilleErik van Sebille, Chris Wilcox, Laurent Lebreton, Nikolai Meximenko, Britta Denise Hardesty, Jan A van Franeker, Marcus Eriksen, David Siegel, Francois Galgani, Kara Lavender Law

Data files of the data of microplastic abundance and mass from Figure 3 of the Van Sebille et al (2015, Environmental Research Letters, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/10/12/124006) paper

Figure 3a: maximenkomodel_abundance.csv

Figure 3b: maximenkomodel_mass.csv

Figure 3c: lebretonmodel_abundance.csv

Figure 3d: lebretonmodel_mass.csv

Figure 3e: vansebillemodel_abundance.csv

Figure 3f: vansebillemodel_mass.csv

All these data sets are in either #/km2 or in g/km2. Use the area.csv (units in km2/gridcell) file to convert to #/gridcell or g/gridcell. 

Longitudes (in degrees E) and latitudes of the cell centres are also available for download; note that due to interpolation issues there are values for both 0E and 360E, in the first and last column of the mass and abundance files respectively. Sum these to get the distribution at 0E.


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