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posted on 2021-01-21, 10:27 authored by C.C. Tanis, Nina LeachNina Leach, Sandra J. Geiger, Floor H. Nauta, Fabian Dablander, Frenk van Harreveld, Sanne de Wit, Gerard Kanters, Jop Knoppers, Diederik A. W. Markus, Rick R. M. Bouten, Quinten H. Oostvogel, Meier J. Boersma, Maya V. van der Steenhoven, Denny BorsboomDenny Borsboom, T.F. BlankenT.F. Blanken
All camera data. The full layer 2 and 3 tables contain all unfiltered and filtered detections of visitors respectively. The “id” column is only present in the layer 3 tables, as detections have not been linked to unique visitors yet in layer 2. Additionally, files containing each experimental time and a file of the map which provides the coordinates of the 32 walls in the area of the art fair where camera data was collected.
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