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Regions of activation differences between positive (pos) and negative (neg) words in the P1 (80–120 ms) and in the P2 (150–190 ms) interval.

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posted on 2013-08-05, 01:49 authored by Kati Keuper, Pienie Zwitserlood, Maimu A. Rehbein, Annuschka S. Eden, Inga Laeger, Markus Junghöfer, Peter Zwanzger, Christian Dobel

x, y, z = coordinates according to MNI stereotactic space (Brain Region according to AAL-Atlas [106], L = left, B = bilateral, R = right, sup = superior, mid = middle, inf = inferior), T = peak T value for the respective contrast of the valences, BA = approximate Brodmann’s area, Cluster size in voxels, P>.05 (Alphasim corrected).