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Optimal phenotypic responses to ocean acidification (k = β).

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posted on 2010-10-15, 01:16 authored by Takahiro Irie, Kazuhiro Bessho, Helen S. Findlay, Piero Calosi

Responses of optimal life history to the increase in acidification-sensitive parameters when k = β, g(t) = P/C(t)q, and q = 2 (1−k). Zero denotes no change, ↑ an increase in the optimal value, and ↓ a decrease. Abbreviations: T, generation time; δ, proportion coefficient; u, resource allocation rate; V(T), coccosphere volume; C(T), coccolith volume; L(T), survival probability to binary fission; r, intrinsic rate of population increase. Asterisks indicate optimized variables.