Morbidity Prevalence (per 1000) Among Widowed Older Persons (age 60 and above) by Sex in India, 2004.

2014-04-09T03:41:09Z (GMT) by Gopal Agrawal Kunal Keshri

Notes: #Individual ailments will not add up to total because of reporting of multiple ailments.

1 includes Hepatitis/jaundice, amoebiosis, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, eruptive, mumps, Diphtheria, filariasis/elephantiasis and others.

2 includes Neurological disorders, psychiatric disorders.

3 includes Prostatic disorders, gynecological disorders, goiter, tetanus, diseases of mouth/teeth/gum, cancer and other tumors, anaemia.


Reference period of last 15 days prior to the survey.

@Gender gap = female/male, chi2>|z|: ***p<0.001, **p<0.05, *p<0.10.