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Changes in poisoning deaths involving co-proxamol, other analgesics, and all drugs, in England and Wales, 1998–2010, associated with the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) announcement in January 2005.

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posted on 08.05.2012, 00:32 authored by Keith Hawton, Helen Bergen, Sue Simkin, Claudia Wells, Navneet Kapur, David Gunnell

Using interrupted time-series segmented regression analysis where the intervention point is taken as the end of 2004 (the CSM announcement on the withdrawal of co-proxamol, January 2005).


Estimated for the midpoint quarter of 2005–2010. See Text S1 for method, equation (2) or (3).


Absolute difference of estimated number with CSM announcement and estimated number without CSM announcement, taken at the mid-point of the post-intervention period, see Text S1 equation (4).


95% CIs taken from Stata results or calculated according to Zhang et al. [38].


Other analgesics include: co-codamol, codeine, co-dydramol, dihydrocodeine, NSAIDS, paracetamol, and tramadol.