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posted on 23.01.2020, 02:31 by FENG ZHOU

National Long-term Water Use Dataset of China (NLWUD)


Zhou, F.; Bo, Y.; Ciais, P.; Dumas, P.; Tang, Q.; Wang, X.; et al., Deceleration of China’s human water use and its key drivers. PNAS. 2020, 117: 1-10. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1909902117.


Direct questions, additional information regarding publications and research by email to zhouf@pku.edu.cn.

Data Products:

1. Water use by sector and prefecture during the period 1965–2013.

2. Water use intensity (WUI) by sector and prefecture during the period 1965–2013.

3. Size indicators by sector and prefecture during the period 1965–2013, where the indicators include Irrigated area by crop, Industrial gross value added (GVA) by sub-sector, Service GVA, urban and rural populations, and livestock population by animal.

4. LMDI decomposition results of water use change for three periods (1965-1975, 1975-1992, 1992-2013).

5. Data for identifying the drivers for irrigation and industrial WUIs and Budyko-type analysis by province during the period 1971–2013, including Potential irrigation requirements, Freshwater availability allocated to irrigation sector, the ratio between the area equipped for water-conserving irrigation and total irrigated area (water-conserving irrigation technologies refer to drip or sprinkler irrigation systems and canal lining), the ratio of recycled water to total industrial WU, the ratio of evaporated water to total industrial WU, and irrigation water consumption.

6. GIS files for spatial distribution of 341 prefectures in China.

7. Codes used in data analysis/figure creation for the manuscript. The Codes were written by Yan Bo at the Peking University.

List of crops, industries, and livestocks included:

Wheat, maize, rice, vegetables and fruits, and other crops;

thermal electricity, mining, cement, electronics, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemicals, textile, paper making, food processing, and other industries;

swine, sheep, poultries, cattle, donkeys, horses, and mules


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Data may be freely downloaded for research, study, or teaching, but must be cited appropriately. Re-release of the data, or incorporation of the data into a commercial product, is allowed only with explicit permission. If you would like to request permission to use this dataset for another purpose, please contact us at zhouf@pku.edu.cn.


National Natural Science Foundation of China (41561134016, 41625001, 41730645)

National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFD0800501)

CHINA-TREND-STREAM French national project (ANR Grant No. ANR-15-CE01-00L1-0L)