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Words in UHCL Theses and Dissertations

posted on 2017-05-01, 18:18 authored by Clarke IakovakisClarke Iakovakis
This dataset includes only words from thesis and dissertation titles, and is not the full thesis and dissertation dataset with advisors and colleges. To view that, go to

A dataset including the titles of all graduate projects, theses, and dissertations ever submitted to UHCL was pulled from the library catalog system and read into R. Titles were collapsed into a single vector, and the vector was loaded as a corpus in the tm package. all punctuation was converted to a space, converted to lowercase, and spaces, stopwords, white space, and single characters were removed.

Words from titles in all colleges are in the titlewords.csv file. The other four csvs are titles in specific colleges.

The Word Cloud was created in Tableau, and is hosted at

thesisWordCloud.R is the code, and titleWordCloud.pdf is a Markdown document describing the process in a bit more depth.