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Woody vegetation associated with rocky outcrops in Southern Amazonia: a starting point to unveil a unique flora

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posted on 2021-03-24, 10:26 authored by Dennis Rodrigues da Silva, Célia Regina Araújo Soares-Lopes, Eliana Gressler, Pedro V. Eisenlohr

Abstract: Vegetation associated with rocky outcrops is responsible for increasing floristic and landscape diversity, since its flora can be different from the adjacent landscape. Our objective was to characterize the woody vegetation associated with the rocky outcrop of the RPPN Mirante da Serra, Cristalino region, Mato Grosso State, Brazil. In a Deciduous Seasonal Forest associated with granite outcrops, we demarcated a plot of 1ha. We performed collections on this plot, installed for conducting monitoring studies, and also random collections on trails near the plot to better represent the outcrop flora. We totaled 126 species, 95 genera and 39 families. Overall, 18 species were increased to the Flora of Cristalino - with seven new records to the flora of Mato Grosso and four new records to the Amazon Domain. We found two threatened and 17 Brazilian endemic species. The rocky outcrop present in the RPPN Mirante da Serra is an important conservation area for a continuous execution of floristic studies in a manner to enable a monitoring program of the area, considering the new occurrence records and also because it contains threatened species.