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What does Brexit mean to you in three words?

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posted on 2019-02-28, 12:17 authored by Daniel PayneDaniel Payne
From September until December 2018, LSE Library held an exhibition of its archives relating to the history of the UK in and out of the EU called "What does Brexit mean to you?" The exhibition was free, unticketed and open to all, and housed right by the entrance to the Library.

On one of the walls of the exhibition, the question "What does Brexit mean to you in three words?" was printed on a large poster, and visitors were invited to write their responses using post-it notes and stick them to the wall.

This spreadsheet is a transcription of 664 of those post-it notes. Some changes to spelling/grammar have been made and changed into lowercase. The transcription was not conducted as a full-scale research project but rather as a record of audience participation in an exhibition, so this should be borne in mind when using this spreadsheet. There is no significance to the running number order - each post-it note was assigned a random number when being transcribed. It is possible one person filled out multiple post-it notes so it does not necessarily represent 664 individuals. The original post-it notes are held at LSE Library and are available for consultation there.