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WOODIV, a database of occurrences, functional traits, and phylogenetic data for all Euro-Mediterranean trees

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posted on 2021-02-23, 12:59 authored by Anne-Christine MonnetAnne-Christine Monnet, Kévin Cilleros, Frédéric Médail, Marwan Cheikh Albassatneh, Juan Arroyo, Gianluigi Bacchetta, Francesca Bagnoli, Zoltán Barina, Manuel Cartereau, Nicolas Casajus, Panayotis Dimopoulos, Gianniantonio Domina, Aggeliki Doxa, Marcial Escudero, Bruno Fady, Arndt Hampe, Vlado Matevski, Stephen Misfud, Toni Nikolic, Daniel Pavon, Anne Roig, Estefania Santos Barea, Ilaria Spanu, Arne Strid, giovanni vendramin, Agathe LericheAgathe Leriche

The WOODIV database provides reliable occurrences, four functional traits (plant height, seed mass, wood density, and specific leaf area), and sequences from three DNA-regions (rbcL, matK, and trnH-psbA), together with modelled occurrences and a phylogeny for all 210 Euro-Mediterranean tree species (INSPIRE-compliant 10 × 10 km grid)


French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) through its Centre for Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity data (CESAB) program

Labex OT-Med (n° ANR-11-LABX-0061)

CNR project “Ottimizzazione dell'uso delle risorse naturali negli ecosistemi agricoli e forestali”