Velociraptor 2008 SIMM (1.23 MB)

Velociraptor hindlimb musculoskeletal model

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posted on 09.05.2017, 08:46 by John Hutchinson
This project consists of the SIMM model files for the IGM985/986 Velociraptor mongoliensis specimens (housed at AMNH at the time) used in the following book chapter:

Hutchinson, J.R., Miller, C.E., Fritsch, G., Hildebrandt, T. 2008. The anatomical foundation for multidisciplinary studies of animal limb function: examples from dinosaur and elephant limb imaging studies.
In: Frey R., Endo, H. (eds.), Anatomical Imaging: Towards a New Morphology. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 23-38.

It includes these files:
1) A "bones" folder with .ASC format polygonal meshes at low resolution, as described in the above paper.
2) .jnt and .msl files ("veloc_J12b" and "veloc_M12b") that are used by proprietary SIMM software (version 7.0) to run the model; these can be opened as text files in typical text applications.
3) A snapshot of the SIMM model (.tif image).
4) A pdf of the chapter that described the model. (NOT covered by the CC-BY license but shared due to limited availability otherwise)

Note that the SIMM model has undergone very minor changes from the 2008 paper's model.

SIMM software is commercial and available at:

The model can, in theory, be imported into the free, open source musculoskeletal modelling package OpenSim, but there may be file conversion issues. See for more information.

As John R. Hutchinson made this model he is listed as the sole author here on this data record.


National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship in Bioinformatics to JRH in 2001