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Unique Identification of research resources in studies in Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology

posted on 2014-07-08, 20:47 authored by Nicole VasilevskyNicole Vasilevsky, David J Kavanagh, Amy Van Deusen, Melissa Haendel, Elizabeth Iorns

Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology ( aims to reproduce the key experiments from 50 landmark papers in cancer research. As a follow up to the previously published study, which showed a lack of indentifiability of research resources in the published biomedical literature (Vasilevsky, et al. 2014, PeerJ 1:e148), we analyzed 6 resource types reported in these papers to determine the identifiability of these resources. The resource types included antibodies, cell lines, constructs, knockdown reagents, model organisms and software. The results showed an average 85% of the resources were identifiable, and the ability to identify the resources varied amongst the resource types.