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The most important microhabitats for taxa that tested without significant habitat associations in the AICc analysis in distLM Permanova+, Primer-e v7.

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posted on 2018-03-26, 17:42 authored by Christopher J. Thorpe, Todd R. Lewis, Siddharth Kulkarni, Aparna Watve, Nikhil Gaitonde, David Pryce, Lewis Davies, David T. Bilton, Mairi E. Knight

Status is the IUCN threat status. Accessed 10/02/2017 [9]. NA- Not Assessed; DD-Data Deficient; LC-Least Concern; EN-Endangered; CR-Critically Endangered. Population stability:/S-Stable; /D-Decreasing; /I-Increasing. RH-Relative Humidity; Rock -large loose rocks >50 mm; Rock N-abundance of small rocks<50 mm; Plant-%of area with woody plant cover; Soil-% of area with soil; Stream-stream in surveyed area; Pool-lentic pools within surveyed area; Flood-plateau surface flooded to a depth >25 mm; Agree-our habitat association agree with published findings; Elev-altitude above sea leavel taxa were found; Habitat Associations are those listed by the IUCN.