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The most important microhabitats for taxa that tested without significant habitat associations in the AICc analysis in distLM Permanova+, Primer-e v7.

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posted on 26.03.2018, 17:42 by Christopher J. Thorpe, Todd R. Lewis, Siddharth Kulkarni, Aparna Watve, Nikhil Gaitonde, David Pryce, Lewis Davies, David T. Bilton, Mairi E. Knight

Status is the IUCN threat status. Accessed 10/02/2017 [9]. NA- Not Assessed; DD-Data Deficient; LC-Least Concern; EN-Endangered; CR-Critically Endangered. Population stability:/S-Stable; /D-Decreasing; /I-Increasing. RH-Relative Humidity; Rock -large loose rocks >50 mm; Rock N-abundance of small rocks<50 mm; Plant-%of area with woody plant cover; Soil-% of area with soil; Stream-stream in surveyed area; Pool-lentic pools within surveyed area; Flood-plateau surface flooded to a depth >25 mm; Agree-our habitat association agree with published findings; Elev-altitude above sea leavel taxa were found; Habitat Associations are those listed by the IUCN.