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FracAtlas: A Dataset for Fracture Classification, Localization and Segmentation of Musculoskeletal Radiographs

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Version 6 2023-11-25, 11:38
Version 5 2023-07-27, 05:28
Version 4 2023-07-05, 16:01
Version 3 2023-06-14, 18:25
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Version 1 2023-03-30, 16:05
posted on 2023-11-25, 11:38 authored by Iftekharul AbedeenIftekharul Abedeen, Md. Ashiqur Rahman, Fatema Zohra Prottyasha, Tasnim Ahmed, Tareque Mohmud Chowdhury, Swakkhar Shatabda

FracAtlas is a musculoskeletal bone fracture dataset with annotations for deep learning tasks like classification, localization, and segmentation. The dataset contains a total of 4,083 X-Ray images with annotation in COCO, VGG, YOLO, and Pascal VOC format. This dataset is made freely available for any purpose. The data provided within this work are free to copy, share or redistribute in any medium or format. The data might be adapted, remixed, transformed, and built upon. The dataset is licensed under a CC-BY 4.0 license. It should be noted that to use the dataset correctly, one needs to have knowledge of medical and radiology fields to understand the results and make conclusions based on the dataset. It's also important to consider the possibility of labeling errors.

Furthermore, any publication that utilizes this resource should acknowledge the original paper, and the authors are encouraged to share their code and models to assist the research community in replicating the experiments and promoting the field of medical imaging.