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The Freenet social trust graph extracted from the Web of Trust

Version 2 2021-01-11, 20:51
Version 1 2017-03-06, 09:52
posted on 2021-01-11, 20:51 authored by Arne BabenhauserheideArne Babenhauserheide
The dataset trust-deduplicated.csv shows the trusts-value given by anonymous users of the censorship resistant Freenet network to other users. IDs are anonymized by mapping each ID to an integer-index in a non-shared list of known IDs. The format is trust-giver;trust-receiver;trust-value.

The dataset trust-sone.csv only includes trust relationships which fit the trust-allocation style in the Sone social networking plugin (either 75 for non-spammers or -25 for disruptive behaviour).

The dataset trust-anonymized-2020-11-01-under-attack.csv shows a newer snapshot after the web of trust has been under attack for half a year. The dataset attacking-nodes-2020-11-01.csv includes the IDs of the likely attackers.

The *.scm files were used to crawl the data from a locally running Freenet node (see ).

trust-deduplicated-force-atlas-hub-centrality.png and trust-sone-reingold.png provide first looks into the data visualized with the free tool Gephi.

The 2020-11-01*scm files were used to create the 2020-11-01 datasets.

Additional details are available at