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The China Plant Trait Database Version 2.0

Version 7 2023-09-14, 12:39
Version 6 2022-11-15, 13:23
Version 5 2022-11-04, 05:13
Version 4 2022-11-04, 05:09
Version 3 2022-06-22, 12:43
Version 2 2022-06-21, 10:10
Version 1 2022-03-29, 14:43
posted on 2023-09-14, 12:39 authored by Han WangHan Wang, S P Harrison, Meng Li, Iain-Colin Prentice, Shengchao Qiao, Runxi Wang, Huiying Xu, Giulia Mengoli, Yunke Peng, Yanzheng Yang

Here we present version 2.0 of the China Plant Trait Database, which contains information on morphometric, physical, chemical, photosynthetic and hydraulic traits from 1529 unique species in 140 sites spanning a diversity of vegetation types. Version 2 has five improvements compared to the previous version: (1) new data from a 4-km elevation transect on the edge of Tibetan Plateau, including alpine vegetation types not sampled previously; (2) inclusion of traits related to hydraulic processes, including specific sapwood conductance, the area ratio of sapwood to leaf, wood density and leaf turgor loss point; (3) inclusion of information on soil properties to complement the existing data on climate and vegetation (4) assessments of the reliability of individual trait measurements; and (5) inclusion of standardized checklists and templates for systematical field sampling and measurements.

See detailed descriptions here: Wang, H., Harrison, S.P., Li, M. et al. The China plant trait database version 2. Sci Data 9, 769 (2022).


National Science Foundation China (grant no. 31971495, 32022052, 91837312)

the High-End Foreign Expert award for SPH and ICP at Tsinghua University (G20190001075, G20200001064, G2021102001)

European Research Council (787203 REALM, 694481 GC2.0)

LEMONTREE (Land Ecosystem Models based On New Theory, obseRvations and ExperimEnts) project, funded through the generosity of Eric and Wendy Schmidt by recommendation of the Schmidt Futures program


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