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Tests on Thin Reinforced Concrete Walls Subjected to In-plane and Out-of-plane Cyclic Loading - Overview, General folders and TW1 (1/3)

posted on 2016-07-20, 09:58 authored by João Almeida, Ovidiu Prodan, Angelica RossoAngelica Rosso, Katrin Beyer

The present dataset describes an experimental campaign on five thin T-shaped reinforced concrete walls. The tests aimed at assessing the influence of wall thickness on member stability, the role of lap splices on damage distribution and displacement ductility, and the effects of the simultaneous application of out-of-plane loading on the member response.

This link contains the principal data for all five tests. Further data can be downloaded from the links below.

If you use the data, please cite:

Almeida, J. P., O. Prodan, A. Rosso, and K. Beyer. 2016. Tests on Thin Reinforced Concrete Walls Subjected to in-Plane and out-of-Plane Cyclic Loading. Earthquake Spectra.


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