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Summaries of Policies and Rules for Adding Citations to Wikipedia

This fileset contains supplementary material for the paper "Citation Needed: A Taxonomy and Algorithmic Assessment of Wikipedia's Verifiability".

We share here 2 files related to the qualitative analysis of the reasons why editors add citations to Wikipedia.

Citation Needed Policy Summary (Citation_Needed_Policy_Summary.pdf)
We did a qualitative analysis of the various policies that editors of English, Italian, and French Wikipedia follow when adding (or not adding) inline citations, we categorized them into macro-classes, and summarized in this docuemnt.

Citation Needed Reason Clusters (Citation_Needed_Reason_Clusters.pdf)
When adding the {citation needed} template, editors also have the option to specify a reason via a free-form text field. We extracted the text of this field from more than 200,000 citation needed tags added by English Wikipedia editors and converted it into a numerical feature using Fasttext [1], then clustered them. Each cluster contains groups of consistent reasons why editors requested a citation.