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Sound in rays - video files

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posted on 2022-06-04, 12:16 authored by Lachlan C. FetterplaceLachlan C. Fetterplace, Barbara Wueringer, Johnny Gaskell, Joni Pini-FitzsimmonsJoni Pini-Fitzsimmons, J. Javier Delgado Esteban

Observations of sound production by stingrays incidentally recorded: adult Urogymnus granulatus in Gilli Trawangan, Indonesia, juvenile U. granulatus near Magnetic Island, Australia, and adult Pastinachus ater near Heron island, Australia.

We are grateful to Philip Christoff for providing his observation for inclusion in the publication stemming, in part, from this dataset.

When using or referencing this footage cite: Fetterplace et al. (2022). Evidence of sound production in wild stingrays. Ecology.