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Snooker datasets

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posted on 2021-01-18, 21:56 authored by Joseph D O'BrienJoseph D O'Brien
Here we provide a collection of datasets describing the sport of Snooker over the period 1968-2020. This involves four datasets 1) final_match_df.csv - Results of matches in tournaments from 1968-2020 including the competing players and the final score. 2) final_tourn_df.csv - Dataset with tournament details from 1968-2020 including the tournament name, prize fund, and winner. 3) number_ones.csv - The officially ranked number one player from the period 1975-2020. 4) WS_ranks.csv - Extended rankings from the period 1975-2020. Also see code for analysis of these datasets as found in O'Brien JD & Gleeson JP, (2020) A complex networks approach to ranking professional Snooker players, Journal of Complex Networks (in press). at the following link


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